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This isn't a fairy tale. It's all broken hearts and lost childhoods. )

Journal | .001 [09 Jul 2013|11:53pm]
Reminders of the past aren't something many people want around anymore, but I've kept everything the way we left it, as much as I could, anyway. That old truck’s still parked out front. Never was much to look at. And all those framed photos lining the walls. Mom used to love showing them off, claimed we were a good looking family. Even most of the furniture’s still standing.

All those things no one thought they could live without haven’t held up well over the years, though. TV's still there. But it’s busted now. Not that it makes much of a difference. There’s nothing to watch anymore. I did manage to piece together a working computer. It isn't much, but it'll do.

I've been letting a couple tourists stay in the house. I know how most of the town feels about them, but they're just kids. One of the girls noticed the pictures, pointed us out. "Yep. That's my baby brother," I said. And I was smiling. I still smile when I talk about him. He's been gone seven years now, almost eight. Too young. But I was so, so proud of him.

I lost him the same year I lost Jeremy.

They wonder how I smile so easily. I won't tell them my secret. They'd never believe me anyway. But each heartbreak is as bad as the next. Thinking about them doesn't make it easier. It doesn't leave room for living. And the living are all that matter now.

They think I'm weak, but I’m not. I just know how to hold onto the good things.

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